Strengthening the Sector

Resources and Best Practices for the Visual, Media and Craft-Based Arts Sector

Strengthening the Sector: Resources and Best Practices for the Visual, Media and Craft-Based Arts Sector is a three-year project focused on researching and developing a range of resources and tools to support the visual, media and craft-based arts sectors. The ultimate goal of the project is to establish a set of best practices to advance industry standards through a consultative, consensus building process. The resulting ethical and practical professional standards and best practices developed will provide guidance in areas where regulation and agreements currently do not exist.

The first phase of the project focuses on building a solid base of information to inform subsequent phases of work. This knowledge base is being generated through focused research and an extensive community engagement process involving six regional forums and a province-wide survey.

CARFAC Ontario is leading the project supported by a Steering Committee comprised of the Ontario Association of Art Galleries, Ontario Crafts Council, Artist-Run Centres and Collectives of Ontario, Media Arts Network of Ontario and the Aboriginal Curatorial Collective. CARFAC Ontario acknowledges the support of the Ontario Trillium Foundation for the project. The Steering Committee played an indispensable role in guiding the project, and demonstrated a strong interest in forging stronger partnerships and to build capacity across the sector.

The CARFAC Ontario Strengthening the Province Final Report 2013 can be found here.

To download previous published reports, please click on the links:
CARFAC Ontario Background Research
CARFAC Ontario Regional Forums Report

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